Dossier Perfumes Review


After conducting a Dossier Perfumes review, I’ve concluded that the brand’s perfumes are worth purchasing. Although they don’t match the price of many of the pricier fragrances, they are made with natural and clean ingredients, and they are a far cry from the toxic smells that some brands are known for. What’s more, I’ve been impressed with the brand’s dedication to transparency. You can read more about the company’s commitment to giving back to the community by donating gently-used perfumes to Give Back Box.

Woody Sandalwood

Dossier Perfumes’ Woody Sandalwood is a beautiful tribute to the woody scent of sandalwood. While sandalwood is often regarded as a second-string player in the perfume industry, this particular scent draws its inspiration from the most refined Mysore sandalwood, which boasts creamy facets and balances out the sharpness of other woods. This woody fragrance is especially lovely for women, and is also one of their best-sellers for men.

If you’re looking for a dupe of the Le Labo Santal 33, this is it. While it is $20 cheaper than the latter, it is still not the cheapest alternative for newbies. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive scent for a date, this one could be a good choice. This fragrance smells just like a pricier version of Le Labo’s Santal 33.

Musky Musk

This is a very similar fragrance to Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume, which I reviewed. Although it has a similar citrus-musk scent, the Dossier version has a much shorter lasting, more affordable, and more pleasant sillage. Its floral and woody accords are a perfect match for a man or woman who is looking for a more subtle, but still masculine scent.

While Musky Musk may not be a perfect match for everyone, it is great for young women who are not big on floral scents or fresh scents. Its star ingredient is Iso E Super, which makes it a great choice for young women. Because it is so youthful and playful, this scent is best for young women, so this fragrance is made specifically for that demographic. It saves the user about $80 on the full-size version.

Green Apple

This $29 scent combines green apple, Mediterranean citrus fruits, mint, and grapefruit, for an all-day-long fragrance. Inspired by the popular Light Blue by D&G, this scent combines an opulent bouquet of citrus and floral notes for a masculine scent that will stay fresh and crisp all day. Its 18% concentration allows you to wear it all day long. This fragrance is a good choice for men with strong personalities.

The Dossier Perfumes line includes a wide range of scents, including green apple, tangerine, peach, and musk. While many people prefer the fresh scents, this line has a more subtle and musky aroma. It is made from natural ingredients and blends with the scent of your skin to create a long-lasting, subtle aroma that will last through the day.

Woody Sage

Dossier Perfumes’ Woody Sage and Sea Salt is an ocean-inspired fragrance that retails for $100. Opening with a fruit cocktail of fig and grapefruit, it morphs into the salty scent of the sea with the addition of calone and mineral salty accord. Both of these ingredients create a scent that evokes a fresh sea breeze.

Woody Sage is a complex and beautiful fragrance that combines the scent of clary sage with the sweetness of grapefruit. The scent evolves into a combination of herbs, fine leather, and calming lavender. The brand says this fragrance is a copy of Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt, but it is significantly cheaper at $29 per 50ml. While Jo Malone’s version is a popular choice among women, it is still available in a unisex fragrance.

Another popular Dua brand dupe is Herbs & Sea Salt. The Dua fragrance has a stronger floral aroma, with notes of grapefruit, sea salt, and earthy ambrette. A hint of sweet musk and a touch of vanilla rounds out the fragrance. Whether you prefer a scent that’s subtle or bold, the dupes are a great way to compare it with the real thing.

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