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Hair Restoration – What Are the Pros and Cons of Hair Restoration?



Hair restoration is the process of replacing or regrowing hair to a particular area of the body. Various surgical methods have been used for this purpose in the past. They include the use of strip grafts, free tissue transfers, and tissue expansion. These surgical methods have been the gold standard for many people. But what are the pros and cons of each type of hair restoration? And which type is right for you? Keep reading to find out more.


The ARTAS iX hair restoration system is an FDA-cleared robotic surgical system that minimizes labor-intensive procedures like strip harvesting. With this procedure, tiny hairs are removed from a discreet donor area on the back of the head and transplanted to areas where patients have experienced hair loss. The FDA-cleared robotic system also reduces the amount of time required for a case.

Another benefit of this system is the robotic arm that allows a surgeon to load up to 25 harvested grafts into one cartridge. The robotic arm then implants these grafts directly into the scalp. The robotic arm ensures a delicate handling of the follicles, minimizing the risk of damage. Traditional graft implant methods require a surgeon to manually grasp the follicle bulb below the sebaceous glands. This can cause damage to the follicles, which can significantly reduce the yield and quality of the results.

LaserCap LCPRO

The company that manufactures LaserCap LCPRO is a US-based medical device company. The device is designed to be worn daily and requires 36-minute treatments every other day. After completing the procedure, users will notice results within twelve weeks. Before you can use this hair-restoration device, you must make an appointment with a physician. The price of the LCPRO varies depending on the number of LDs and special features.

Low-level laser light acts directly on the cells in the scalp. This stimulates the cell’s energy factory, creating a new, energy-rich environment for the hair follicle. The FDA has approved this technology to regrow hair. This product can be used at home, and it is recommended to use the cap three times a week for 15 minutes each time. A recent study found that 80 percent of Americans experience hair loss from hereditary reasons, and the LaserCap LCPRO is one treatment option that has been approved by the FDA for hair restoration.


If you are experiencing hair loss, you may want to consider the HRS-10 hair restoration system. This system uses advanced technology to encourage healthy, thick hair growth. One of the most common causes of hair loss is dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that interferes with hair follicle growth. The HRS-10 hair restoration system is a three step regimen that consists of a volumizing shampoo, a replenishing conditioner, and a specialized hair growth serum. The shampoo and conditioner are intended to stimulate new growth while reducing hair thinning.

The Restore hair regrowth system is a medical-grade 3 step hair-regrowth system that shows clinical results within 30 days. It combines the latest technology in hair regrowth to block DHT, stimulate collagen production, and decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines. When used together, the HRS-10 hair restoration system will stimulate new hair growth and re-grow existing hair. This system can also help people with thinning hair achieve longer, fuller, healthier hair in as little as six months.

Scalpel hair restoration

While there are a variety of surgical methods for scalp hair restoration, one of the most popular involves the use of a surgical scalpel. In addition to delivering results, this technique is also much less traumatic for patients. In addition to minimizing discomfort and side effects, using a surgical scalpel allows doctors to harvest hair without the use of a scalpel. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of this method.

During the surgery, the surgeon will first make a strip of scalp skin from the “donor area.” Then, he will divide the strip into small sections that will be transplanted into bald areas. The strip of scalp is usually placed in the frontal hairline. Once the strip of scalp is harvested, the surgeon will carefully separate the hair-bearing areas into small holes. These holes are then cleaned and healthy hairs will be transplanted into the donor area.


If you’re considering hair restoration surgery, FUE is a great option. The procedure is designed for patients who are concerned about linear scarring and have thin scalps. Unlike FUT, however, it does leave tiny pinpoint scars that are almost undetectable, and they heal within a few days. In addition, you’ll need to have another donor area with enough hair to provide hair grafts. Moreover, FUE can result in significant cost savings, thanks to its lower-risk procedure.

Patients will notice an immediate difference with FUE. The procedure is much quicker, and patients recover quickly. The results are also more natural, as patients have virtually no scarring at the extraction site. In addition to improving the appearance of your hairline, FUE can also help conceal scarring from previous FUT procedures. Compared to FUT, FUE can be an excellent choice for those who want to restore their eyebrows or beard shape.

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