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How Technology Can Help You Protect Your Home



With the advancement of technology, many home security systems now offer personal security to homeowners. Many systems now include technology that can alert medical personnel in case of emergency. Some systems even offer pendants with emergency contact buttons for elderly or lone residents. While these systems may seem invasive, they provide peace of mind and prevent a wide range of problems. Read on for more information. Also, check out our reviews of different products and services to protect your home.

Monitoring companies

Monitoring companies for home security can be very helpful for homeowners who don’t have the time to set up their own security system. These services often offer a wide range of features such as cameras, sensors and key fobs. Professional monitoring also offers the option to summon law enforcement, fire departments and police to your home in case of a break-in. This type of service is highly reliable and dependable, especially when it comes to emergency calls.

Control panels

Control panels for home security allow you to arm and disarm your alarm system from your smartphone. They can also send an alert to a monitoring center if any of the sensors detect a medical emergency or home invasion. The control panel will help you reduce the time and effort you spend at nighttime by reducing the number of steps you need to take to secure your home. Moreover, most of these devices work in conjunction with smartphone apps to make your life easier.


There are several types of sensors for home security. Some detect movement while others send alerts. Motion sensors are great for alerting the homeowner to unexpected movements in the house. These systems can detect changes in temperature or door or window openings or closings, and they can also let you know if certain people or animals have entered restricted areas. Here are some examples of different types of sensors. Read on to find out which type of sensor is right for you.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 5.4 percent of Australian homes were broken into or attempted to break into in 2005, a figure that represents nearly four million houses. Alarms for home security are an excellent way to deter criminal activity, especially when used in conjunction with CCTV or burglar alarms. A Rutgers University study concluded that burglar alarms also protect neighboring houses, so if your house is burglarized, your neighbors will be less likely to commit the crime, as well.

DIY systems

If you want to save money on your home security system, you should consider installing a DIY system. Most DIY security systems come with mobile apps that allow you to operate them on the go. This means you can monitor your home at any time without spending a dime. And, most DIY systems are compatible with other smart home features, including thermostats and lights. Often, these systems will send notifications to your smartphone when they detect activity.

IFTTT applets

If you use IFTTT applets for home security, you can automate various activities in your home. For example, you can arm your security system when you leave your home, or set it to arm automatically if you are leaving the house for an extended period. You can also create custom applets using the service. Once you’ve created your applets, you can add them to your home security system by following a few steps.

Landline monitoring

Traditional monitoring services connect directly to a phone line and use a dedicated landline to send alerts to emergency services when something triggers the alarm. Landline systems don’t rely on cellular networks, and are therefore less susceptible to outages. However, landline systems are not completely immune to problems, and they can also result in false alarms. The main advantage of landline monitoring for home security is that most homes already have this technology. Another advantage of landline monitoring is affordability.

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