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Improve the Customer Experience With an Agent Desktop



An agent desktop improves the customer experience by combining controls. With a drag-and-drop workflow engine, best practices for customer interaction can be codified. Agents are given an easy-to-use experience that is consistent across all customer interactions. Whether the interactions occur through a digital channel or voice channel, unified customer information and interaction history are important elements to improve the customer experience. Ultimately, an agent desktop improves speed, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Swampfox Agent Desktop

With Swampfox Agent Desktop, your agents will always know who their customers are, and be empowered to answer their questions. They’ll have actionable intelligence and greater control over their call flow with a single intuitive, configurable desktop application. In addition, this application provides data and functionality derived from customer information from CRM records, billing systems, and IVR entered data. And it will automatically track customer satisfaction scores. You can even customize this tool to your agent’s preferences and provide personalized support.

When a customer calls back, Swampfox provides robust callback details. With Agent First Preview, agents can view details about the caller, including their name and number. Agents can also respond by leaving automated voicemail messages. In addition, Swampfox’s First In Line feature uses real-time contact center statistics and a patent-pending machine learning process to predict wait times. This gives your agents the information they need to respond more quickly to customer inquiries, while ensuring a superior customer experience.

Upstream Works Agent Desktop

With Upstream Works’ unified agent desktop, contact center agents have access to the same tools they use in the contact center, while being able to manage all of their channels in one place. The unified agent workspace makes it easier to train and manage your agents, and provides consistent customer experiences across all channels. This software also supports changing schedules, while providing rich context for customer interactions. Upstream Works’ unified agent desktop is ideal for contact centers that have a distributed workforce and require a more efficient way to handle customer interaction.

Upstream Works Agent Desktop helps improve customer experience across the entire customer journey by providing omnichannel agent management tools. The solution brings customer experience together, including full context, Interaction History, and task-in-flight visibility. The agent-centric approach to customer care results in a positive customer experience. And, since upstream works is omnichannel, it is an ideal choice for any contact center. You’ll enjoy increased customer satisfaction and fewer errors as a result.

Oracle Service’s Dynamic Agent Desktop

The new 18A release of Oracle Service Cloud includes support for Multi-Edit Workspaces, a basic feature that was available in Dynamic Agent Desktop, but was missing from the Browser User Interface. This release adds support for this feature in standard and custom objects, and enables agents to update multiple records with one click. This feature helps you save time and reduce errors by enabling quick and simple multi-step operations.

The desktop for Oracle Service Cloud includes a powerful application called Dynamic Agent Desktop, which guides contact center agents through the customer’s journey with a single user interface. It improves agent productivity by giving them a 360-degree view of customers. It also enables administrators to see real-time metrics for call center agent productivity. For contact center agents, the desktop is an essential tool for improving the overall customer experience.

VoiceFoundry’s Agent Desktop

Designed with accessibility in mind, VoiceFoundry’s Agent Desktop is built for any user who wants to improve the customer experience. Its professional services include migration and implementation, customer experience automation, and end-to-end managed services. To support its clients, VoiceFoundry offers custom software add-ins, proprietary connectors to Salesforce and ServiceNow, and customized agent desktop interfaces. With the power to create a seamless customer experience across all channels, VoiceFoundry helps companies transform the customer experience.

The vision of Vision Australia’s contact centre provided a unique challenge to VoiceFoundry. The company worked with Vision Australia to design the contact center and implement VoiceFoundry’s Agent Desktop. The company focused on designing a product that was accessible for agents with visual disabilities. The design team interviewed agents to understand their needs and the impact it would have on their day-to-day experience. VoiceFoundry was aware of the challenges facing agents with vision impairment, and therefore focused on ensuring the agent desktop was designed specifically for them.

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