The ISACA CISA EXAM is a certification offered by ISACA. The exam is only offered in English, but ISACA provides a comprehensive glossary in several languages. After passing the exam, you will need to complete the CISA Continuing Professional Development Program, which requires you to validate 20 hours of CPE every year and 120 hours every three years.

Experience required for ISACA CISA certification

A CISA certification requires that individuals have relevant experience and are familiar with the ISACA certification process. Candidates should complete the CISA Application form, as well as a Verification Form. CISAs need to complete at least 20 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) credits each year, and a minimum of 120 hours over the course of three years. In addition, there is a maintenance fee of $45 for ISACA members and $85 for non-members.

The experience requirement can be fulfilled in a number of ways, depending on the candidate’s qualifications and the industry. For example, one year of experience can be replaced by 60 to 120 semester-hours of post-graduate study in an IS or IT-related field from an accredited university. Another option is to have two years of experience teaching university courses.

To become a CISA, candidates must pass the ISACA CISA certification exam. The exam costs approximately US$1,000. However, if a candidate is a member of ISACA, the fee will be significantly reduced.

Cost of certification

The cost of ISACA CISA exam certification varies depending on whether you take the exam in-person or via remote proctor. The exam can cost up to $465 for ISACA members and $595 for nonmembers. Once you have passed the exam, you will be expected to complete 20 hours of continuing professional education every three years to maintain your certification. Additionally, you will be required to pay an annual maintenance fee of $45 for ISACA members and $85 for nonmembers.

Before you take the exam, you should first understand what the cost of ISACA CISA exam certification is. In addition to paying for the exam, you should also consider the time it will take you to study. ISACA offers study materials and a practice quiz for those who have not taken the exam before. In addition to these materials, the organization provides an exam candidate guide with essential information on eligibility and preparation.

You should consider joining ISACA to save on costs. Membership in the organization provides several benefits, which include discounted certification exam fees. Become a member today to get your first exam for just $50. You’ll also get discounts on training courses and study materials. You’ll be able to attend webinars and quizzes that are free for ISACA members.

Exam length

The ISACA CISA Exam consists of multiple-choice questions. Each question will contain a specific qualifier and a scenario describing the situation. The question must be answered based on the information provided. The exam is approximately four hours long. Candidates should allow ample time to prepare. They should also plan their route to the testing center.

The CISA exam can be taken in person or online. When you register for the exam, you will receive a scheduling email that shows the availability of testing times in your area. You can schedule multiple testing appointments if necessary. The testing company will confirm the testing appointment once you have paid your registration fee.

The CISA Exam is 150 multiple-choice questions long. It tests your knowledge of information systems and auditing processes. Taking the exam qualifies you for CPE. The exam covers five domains, or areas, of expertise. These areas include information systems security, audit, control, and governance.

Alternatives to work experience

If you do not have the required five years of professional experience to pass the ISACA CISA exam, there are several ways to satisfy the requirements. One option is to get a post-graduate degree in information systems, which counts as three years of work experience, or to obtain a post-master’s degree or another credential with significant IS auditing components. These alternatives can significantly reduce the five-year requirement. However, if you do not have any relevant work experience, these may not be suitable for you.

In order to pass the ISACA CISA exam, you need to have a score of 450 or higher. To study for the exam, you can use the ISACA review manual and other resources. You can also join an ISACA chapter in your area to take a review course and get additional practice tests. To succeed in the exam, you should practice as much as possible. The CISA exam is a challenging test that is not designed for those with little to no experience.

CPE hours are also available for CISA-related activities. Volunteering at an ISACA chapter and developing and maintaining a chapter website are examples of volunteer activities that count toward the requirement. In addition, you can earn CPE hours by pursuing related professional examinations and serving on an ISACA board or committee. You can also earn two CPE hours for participating in ISACA-related activities as an officer of a chapter.


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