MudJacking And PolyJacking


MudJacking and PolyJacking are two methods of foundation repair. Both involve injections of polyurethane into the foundation. During polyurethane injection, the polyurethane mixes with the soil beneath the foundation, increasing its strength. However, polyurethane injection requires a smaller hole than mudjacking. It also requires expensive equipment that is not readily available to smaller contractors.

PolyJacking is a quick process

Mudjacking and polyjacking are similar techniques for lifting concrete slabs. Both involve drilling holes in the slab and filling them with a heavy material. The mixture is then pumped into the holes and lifts the concrete slab to its original level. After the process, holes are cleaned and repaired as necessary. The mudjacking and polyjacking process can be used for driveways and other concrete slabs.

The process is fast. Polyurethane has a much faster curing time than traditional mudjacking. While mudjacking can take up to 48 hours, polyurethane takes as little as 15 minutes to cure. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for smaller projects.

PolyJacking is a popular method for concrete leveling. Unlike mudjacking, this process uses specialized polyurethane foam to raise concrete slabs. This material expands as it cures, creating a rigid support that clings to concrete surfaces. It is a quick process that restores concrete for the long term.

Mudjacking relies on mortar-based mixes that can break down over time. The polyurethane foam used in polyjacking is waterproof and will reduce the risk of resettling. It is an efficient and cost-effective method for leveling concrete slabs. This process is quick and easy, and the results are immediate and permanent.

Polyjacking and mudjacking are two quick processes for lifting slabs. While polyjacking is generally cheaper, mudjacking is more effective for large repairs. Mudjacking requires more holes than polyjacking and does not last as long. Mudjacking is also less water resistant.

Polyurethane injections are cheaper

Polyurethane injections are cheaper than concrete mudjacking. Mudjacking uses slurry injected through a concrete slab, and it can take a full day to cure. By contrast, polyurethane cures in 15 minutes, which makes it an excellent choice for high traffic areas.

Polyurethane injections are more effective in lifting concrete slabs than mudjacking. They also don’t create the messy mess of mudjacking. Because polyurethane is lightweight, it can travel through the soil without leaving any visible trace of the injection.

Mudjacking uses a slurry that is heavy and can introduce moisture to the soil beneath the slab. This may weaken the soil and cause further settling. Polyurethane injection is also much more durable and will prevent foundation problems for years to come.

The process of raising concrete slabs with polyurethane injection is an improved version of mudjacking and concrete replacement. Polyurethane injection requires fewer holes, allowing for faster and more affordable repair. And unlike mudjacking, polyurethane injections are non-toxic and can be done quickly. The cost of polyurethane injections is significantly lower than that of concrete replacement.

Mudjacking is an expensive, messy process. The slurry created during mudjacking doesn’t hold up to rain and does not have the durability of polyurethane. Additionally, the process is also invasive and creates waste

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