Routine maintenance of Brass Wire Cut EDM Machine


The Brass wire cut EDM machine is an irreplaceable special processing equipment in the mold manufacturing industry. It has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, and can process high-hardness materials. Commonly used EDM consumables include wire guides, power feed contacts, nozzles, guide rollers, ion exchange resin, brass wires, and EDM jigs, etc. The care and maintenance of Wire EDM parts will directly affect the quality of processed workpieces and the service life of machine tools.

1、Daily work requirements

  1. Fully understand the structural performance of Mitsubishi machine and master the operating skills of Mitsubishi machine, and abide by operating procedures and safety production systems.
  2. Prepare appropriate processing techniques for the products that need to be processed that day, and select consumables such as wire guides, nozzles, brass wires, and discharge parameters that meet the requirements.
  3. Carry out processing within the allowable specifications of the machine, and do not work with excessive weight or overtravel
  4. Clean the processing area after getting off work, clean the working fluid tank and wipe all parts such as wire guides, power feed contacts, nozzles and guide rollers. Wipe off rust spots or residues with fine sandpaper or diamond stone, keep the EDM jigs clean.
  5. Look over the water level of the working fluid tank, the parameters of the ion exchange resin, and the operating pressure parameters of the EDM filters, and If problems are found, promptly supplement with new ones or replace them.
  6. Maintain the normal running of the heat dissipation and ventilation system of the electrical cabinet, especially the temperature setting of the working fluid cooling system, which has a certain impact on the machining accuracy.

2、Routine maintenance

)According to the lubrication requirements specified in the machine tool operating instructions, the specified lubricating oil or grease must be regularly injected into the lubrication parts specified in the instructions to ensure flexible operation of the machine parts.

 (2)Regularly check whether the electrical equipment of the machine tool is damp and safe and reliable, and remove dust to prevent metal objects from falling into the machine. Processing workpieces with faults is not allowed.

(3)For Lower-speed EDM wire cutting machines, generally it needs to check the wear of the power feed contacts after 50 to 100 hours of processing, and it should consider changing the position of the power feed contacts or replacing a new one. If it is dirty, it needs to use detergent to clean it.

(4) Regularly place the wire guides under the projector to check the shape of the inner hole, this step is especially important after large taper processing. It must be noted that when the position of the wire guides is reassembled, the verticality of the brass wires must be recalibrated to ensure the accuracy and surface quality of the processed workpieces.

(5)Regularly check whether the guide rollers rotate flexibly and there must be no jamming. Otherwise, the guide rollers and bearings should be replaced. The radial runout must be checked after replacement.

(6)Regularly check the damage and dirtiness of the upper and lower nozzles. If there are dirt, use detergent to remove it. If there is damage, replace it in time.

(7)Before processing, please check whether the working fluid in the tank is sufficient and whether the pipes and nozzles are unobstructed. When the working fluid flows in the reverse direction from the dirty liquid tank to the clear liquid tank, the EDM filters need to be replaced.

(8) Regularly check safety protection devices, such as emergency stop buttons, operation stop buttons, check if they are working properly;

(9)Regularly check the clean, lubrication and wear of the guide rails of Brass wire cut EDM machines;

(10)Every year, the accuracy of the machine tool needs to be  re-checked with laser instrument, and the compensation parameters in the processing database needs to be modified to ensure the processing accuracy of the workpieces;

 It is very important to regularly maintain and keep Brass wire cut EDM machine and select suitable wire guides, power feed contacts, nozzles, guide rollers, ion exchange resin, brass wires and EDM jigs and other Wire EDM parts, because this can effectively reduce the cost, improve equipment utilization and process high-quality products.

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