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Skincare Mistakes For Over 40s



While there are common mistakes made by most people, some are unique to the mature crowd. Derms are familiar with the most common mistakes people over 40 make when it comes to skincare. Here are some ways to avoid making the same mistake again. For starters, don’t layer too many products on your face. Too many products can clog your pores. Also, never skip the moisturiser, even if you have oily skin. Also, don’t forget to sleep well!

If your Skin is Sensitive, You might want to Consider a Gel-emulsion Cleanser

Many products take two to six weeks to show their full effects. Don’t mix sunscreens. This won’t give you adequate protection from UVA and UVB rays. Mixing sunscreens will not give you enough protection, so apply a little more on your neck and face than you usually would. If your skin is very sensitive or thin, you might want to consider using a gel-emulsion that cleanses it gently and removes make-up. Its balanced formula keeps your skin soft and hydrated.

One of the most common skincare mistakes is using too many actives. This will damage your skin’s elasticity and can lead to fine lines and sagging. Keeping your pores clean is essential to having younger-looking skin. A lot of common mistakes affect the skin’s pores. You should clean them twice a day with a gentle cleanser, such as Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion. You should also avoid pulling at your eyes. Pulling away your skin’s natural barrier can lead to wrinkles and laugh lines.

Use Lukewarm water after a Shower

Using hot water in your shower will strip the skin of its natural oils and make it dry. Always use lukewarm water after a shower, which doesn’t disturb the natural oils in your skin. Avoid using scented and perfume-free products, as they can harm your skin. For sensitive skin, don’t forget to moisturize your skin after a shower. It’ll also eliminate the tight feeling you get after showering.

Avoid using harsh scrubs or cleansing brushes. Over-washing can lead to irritation and breakouts, so use hydrating products instead. If you are using a scrub, you should always use a gentle one, such as one that contains vitamin C. This will help get rid of dead skin cells and promote a healthier looking complexion. Once you have mastered these skincare mistakes, you can start reaping the benefits of a healthier complexion!

Dont use too much Moisturizer

Another mistake is using too much moisturizer. While the amount of moisturizer you use depends on your skin type, you shouldn’t apply more than a coin-sized amount. Instead, apply the amount of moisturizer you think is sufficient for your skin. If you have oily skin, use a light, non-oily moisturizer that will protect and maintain the moisture barrier on your face. This will help prevent your skin from drying out.

Avoid sun exposure. Exposure to sunlight is the number one cause of premature aging. Even if you live in a climate where sunlight isn’t very intense, it is still very harmful to your skin. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can also be incidental. That means a sunny winter day can result in skin cancer. Sunscreens are essential for the prevention of wrinkles. So, remember to wear sunscreen every day.

Always Cleanse your Face before go to Sleep

Never go to sleep without washing your face. Pollution, bacteria, dead skin cells, and dirt accumulate on your face during the day. Without washing your face before bed, your skin care products won’t have the same effect as they would with a clean surface. Keeping your skin clean will also help your skin retain moisture. That way, your products can penetrate deeper into the skin. Besides, it will also help your skin stay hydrated, which is essential for keeping it looking its best.

Double cleansing. Using a cleanser with an oil base or cleansing milk will break up heavier oil-based makeup and help your skin retain its natural oils. A regular one-step cleanser will not do this. Moreover, it will strip your skin of the necessary oil. And you may experience breakouts. If this happens to you, consider switching to an oil-free cleanser. You’ll have a clearer complexion and less chafing.

Keep your Face well Moisturize and Hydrated Daily

Not using moisturizer every day. Moisturizers are essential for all skin types. While it may be tempting to skip the moisturizer altogether, you should never do so. Your skin will compensate by releasing more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. If you skip the moisturizer, you’ll have an uneven texture and a higher chance of breakouts. A cream that adds water to your skin will help replenish the lost moisture, but doesn’t make your skin oily will compensate by retaining more moisture.

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