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As you delve into the fantastical world of the manhwa That Which Flows, prepare to be swept away by a tale of magic, political intrigue and the timeless themes of love and betrayal. Following the journey of Prince EunWol, a young man with mysterious magical powers, this manhwa chronicles his rise from an outcast in the royal court to a figure who holds the fate of the kingdom in his hands. You will find yourself quickly enraptured by the stunning visuals, from the ornate traditional Korean architecture to the sweeping vistas of a world both familiar yet strange. Yet beneath the surface lies a deeper story of a young man grappling with his destiny and the corrupting influences of power as dark forces conspire to tear the kingdom apart from within. Epic in scope yet deeply personal, this manhwa has resonated with readers around the world. Let its magic flow through you.

Overview of That Which Flows Manhwa

That Which Flows is a Korean webtoon or manhwa created by Donggun Lee. First published in 2018, it follows the story of Miso, a teenage girl with mysterious powers living in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has mutated into beastly creatures.

The plot focuses on Miso’s journey to find her place in a dangerous world while hiding her identity from others. She was found as a baby by a hunter named Gomo, who raised her in seclusion. As she gets older, she ventures out into the wastelands and makes allies who help her hone her strange abilities.

  1. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where an unknown calamity has caused humanity to mutate into violent creatures. Much of the landscape is harsh and uninhabitable. Pockets of unmutated humans live in hidden villages, struggling to survive.
  2. The main character Miso has strange powers like telekinesis that allow her to manipulate objects with her mind. She struggles to understand the origin of her abilities while hiding them from others out of fear of how they might react.
  3. The plot follows Miso’s journey to find her place in the world. Along the way, she makes both allies and enemies, encounters dangerous creatures, and has brushes with death. She is searching for the truth about what happened to her real parents and where her powers came from.
  4. The manhwa is categorized as a supernatural, post-apocalyptic work of science fantasy. It features imaginative character and creature designs as well as dramatic action sequences. The story is aimed at mature teen and young adult readers.

That Which Flows is an entertaining work of dystopian fiction with mystery, action and touching moments of humanity. The imaginative art and plot will leave readers eager for the next installment.

Main Characters in That Which Flows

The story of That Which Flows centers around two main characters:

Cha Eun-Ho

Eun-Ho is a quiet high school student who keeps to himself. His peaceful life is turned upside down when he starts experiencing strange visions and dreams of a mysterious world. He comes to realize these visions are glimpses into a parallel world called the “Space of Flowing Time.”

Eun-Ho is an introverted yet determined protagonist. While timid, he shows courage in the face of the unknown in order to help his newfound companion. His kindness and compassion make him a character readers can easily relate with and support.

Seo Yeon-Hee

Yeon-Hee is a girl trapped in the Space of Flowing Time, a dimension where time flows differently. For 200 years, she has been imprisoned in a tower, her powers drained by an evil sorceress. Yeon-Ho’s visions offer a glimpse of hope, and she reaches out to him across dimensions to plead for help.

Strong-willed and spirited, Yeon-Hee refuses to give up hope, even after two centuries of captivity. Her encounter with Eun-Ho ignites her determination to escape and stop the sorceress threatening both their worlds. Though weary from her long imprisonment, her feisty personality shines through, making her a memorable heroine in the story.

Together, Eun-Ho and Yeon-Hee make a compelling duo. Their courage and compassion in the face of danger, and their determination to save each other despite the odds, create an endearing partnership that fuels this epic adventure.

Plot Summary of That Which Flows Chapters

That Which Flows is a fantasy manhwa that follows Yeon, a young boy with mysterious powers over water. Yeon lives in a small village with his mother and sister, unaware of the great destiny before him.

Plot Summary

One day, Yeon’s village is attacked by monsters called the Gwishin, who emerge from the sea seeking humans with special abilities. Yeon discovers he can control water and uses his power to defeat the Gwishin, but at the cost of his mother’s life. A sage named Ahn appears and tells Yeon he is the Water Dragon, one of four beasts meant to protect the world.

Ahn takes Yeon and his sister to the Sage Sanctuary to begin training his powers. There, Yeon meets the three other beasts: Haeun the Fire Phoenix, Chung the Earth Tiger, and Rak the Wind Bird. The four beasts must work together to unlock their full potential and defend humanity from the evil that threatens the land.

Yeon struggles with the immense responsibility on his shoulders and the loss of his mother. He trains hard but continues making mistakes. When the Gwishin attack again, Yeon taps into his rage and nearly drowns them, losing control of his power. Ahn scolds Yeon for giving in to darkness and warns him of the corruption that comes from misusing his gift.

Yeon recommits himself to his training. He and the other beasts learn to combine their powers, defeating the Gwishin together without succumbing to darkness. They emerge as the Four Guardians, ready to protect the world from evil.

In summary, That Which Flows follows the Water Dragon Yeon as he discovers his power, struggles to control it, and ultimately finds his destiny as one of the four beasts protecting humanity. Yeon’s journey from a small village boy to a mighty Guardian showcases the manhwa’s themes of responsibility, found family, and overcoming loss.

Themes and Symbolism in That Which Flows

Themes and Symbolism in That Which Flows

That Which Flows explores several themes throughout the story. A central theme is humanity’s relationship with nature. The story suggests that humanity has disrupted the natural order and harmony of the world. The unnatural damming of the river symbolizes humanity’s destructive impact on nature. However, the final scene where the river breaks through the dam also shows nature’s resilience and ability to overcome humanity’s destructive acts.

Another key theme is the conflict between technological progress and environmental protection. The construction of the dam brings economic benefits but also environmental costs like the destruction of entire ecosystems. The story suggests we must find a balance between progress and sustainability.

Water is a major symbol in the story. The river represents the flow of time and the cycle of life. The damming of the river symbolizes humanity’s attempt to control time and nature. However, the river eventually breaking free of the dam shows the ultimate uncontrollability of nature and time.

The contrast between the barrenness above the dam and the vibrant ecology below the dam highlights the importance of natural habitats and biodiversity. The revival of life below the dam after it breaks signifies the resilience of nature if given the opportunity.

The story also explores the theme of connection between all things. The river connects all the communities and ecosystems along its path. When the river is dammed, these connections are severed. But when the river breaks through the dam, the connections are restored. This suggests that we must recognize our connection to nature and to each other.

In summary, That Which Flows conveys a message of sustainability, environmental protection, and humanity’s integral connection with nature. By disrupting nature’s harmony and the flow of time, we damage ourselves. But nature is resilient, and by respecting natural order, we can restore prosperity and connection.

Why You Should Read That Which Flows Manhwa

That Which Flows is a Korean fantasy manhwa that deserves more recognition and praise. Here are a few reasons why you should consider reading this underrated series:

Complex and Intriguing Plot

The story follows Yeonhwa, a princess with mysterious abilities, as she navigates political intrigue and supernatural threats in her kingdom. Yeonhwa possesses a strange power that allows her to control liquid substances, which plays an important role in the engaging plot. The manhwa features many twists and turns as Yeonhwa tries to protect her kingdom from threats both within and outside the palace walls.

Memorable and Flawed Characters

The manhwa has a cast of complex, flawed characters that drive the story forward, including:

  • Yeonhwa: The kind-hearted protagonist who struggles with the immense responsibility on her shoulders. Despite her immense power, she remains humble and cares deeply for her people.
  • Seungho: Yeonhwa’s childhood friend and bodyguard who harbors a deep loyalty for her. Though stoic, he shows glimpses of humor and caring for those close to him.
  • The King: Yeonhwa’s uncle who took the throne after her father’s death. His intentions seem mysterious, leaving readers unsure if he means to help or hinder Yeonhwa.

Gorgeous Art

The manhwa features breathtaking full-color illustrations with incredible detail. The art alone makes this series worth enjoying, capturing the beauty, drama and fantasy of the story. Backgrounds are lush, and character designs are unique and help bring the cast to life.

That Which Flows deserves more praise and recognition. With its complex plot, memorable characters, and gorgeous art, this manhwa has all the makings of a fantasy epic. If you’re looking for an engrossing new series, look no further than this hidden gem.


As you come to the end of this journey into the world of That Which Flows, you have glimpsed the creative genius behind Manhwa’s work. His artistry in combining visuals and prose to craft an immersive experience allows readers to lose themselves in the flow of the story. The imaginative tales Manhwa weaves remind us of the power of dreams and the endless possibilities the human mind can conceive. Though this series may end, its impact lingers – in the memories we form and the inspiration we find to pursue our own creative endeavors. Manhwa has given us a gift to cherish. May the flowing streams of stories continue.

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