The Rise of Doublelist: How It’s Changing Online Classifieds


For those of you frequenting the online classifieds, you’ve likely noticed a newcomer that’s quickly gaining popularity. Doublelist, the free classifieds site launched in 2018, has exploded onto the scene and is poised to disrupt the industry. No longer are people limited to the options of Craigslist, eBay, or Autotrader when looking to buy, sell, or trade goods and services. Doublelist offers an easy-to-use, streamlined interface with localized listings in cities and towns across the US, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe. With 8 million monthly users and growing, Doublelist is changing the game for online classifieds. If you haven’t checked out Doublelist yet, you owe it to yourself to see what the buzz is all about. The rise of this platform is revolutionizing how we connect to buy, sell, and trade in our local communities.

What Is Doublelist and How Does It Work?

Doublelist is a free online classifieds website similar to Craigslist. It allows users to post and browse local classified ads for goods, services, jobs, housing, and personals.

How It Works

Doublelist uses a simple and intuitive interface. To post an ad, you create a free account, select a city and category, add images if desired, write an engaging title and description, and include your contact information. You can then browse ads by location and category, contact sellers directly, and negotiate purchases.

Doublelist offers several advantages over Craigslist:

  1. Improved spam filtering. Doublelist uses automated filters and human moderators to remove spam and scam ads. This results in higher quality, legitimate ads overall.
  2. Enhanced privacy. Doublelist does not ask for personal information beyond an email address and password. It does not share any user data with third parties.
  3. Focus on local communities. Doublelist aims to facilitate transactions between members of the same local community. Ads are organized by city and neighborhood to enable buying, selling, and connecting locally.
  4. Responsiveness. The Doublelist team is dedicated to building a safe, useful platform for online classifieds. They respond quickly to user feedback and work to continuously improve the user experience.

If you’re looking for an easy, private, and local way to buy and sell goods or make connections in your area, Doublelist is worth checking out. With an active user base and strong safeguards against abuse, Doublelist could soon challenge Craigslist as a leader in online classifieds.

The History of Doublelist: Created After Craigslist Personals Shut Down

Doublelist was created in 2018, shortly after Craigslist shut down their personals section. Craigslist cited the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), passed by Congress earlier that year, as the reason for removing their personals.

FOSTA aimed to curb sex trafficking by holding websites liable for facilitating prostitution and sex trafficking. While the bill had good intentions, it also impacted consenting adults using websites like Craigslist personals to connect.

The Rise of Doublelist

Doublelist launched to fill this void. The site operates similarly to the old Craigslist personals, allowing users to post and browse personal ads for dating, relationships, and casual encounters in their local area.

Doublelist saw rapid growth and popularity, gaining over 1.5 million monthly visitors within its first year. The site now has personals sections for locations throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Doublelist’s popularity demonstrates the ongoing demand for classifieds and personals websites. However, some critics argue the site also enables the same harmful behavior FOSTA aimed to eliminate. Doublelist counters that they actively monitor for illegal content and work with law enforcement to prevent criminal plans or activities on the site.

The quick rise of Doublelist highlights how laws intended to regulate the internet often have unintended consequences. While FOSTA shut down certain websites facilitating abuse, demand for those services endures. Legislation alone may not effectively curb harmful online behavior without viable alternatives in place. Overall, the situation remains complex with many open questions around responsibility, ethics, and the law.

Why People Are Choosing Doublelist Over Craigslist

Doublelist offers several key benefits over established classified sites like Craigslist that are fueling its rise in popularity.

Increased Privacy and Security

Doublelist requires no personal information to post or respond to listings. Users can remain completely anonymous, using a randomly generated username and password. All communications between users are encrypted for added privacy. This is in stark contrast to Craigslist which requires an email address and physical mailing address for some listings. For those concerned about privacy and security in their online interactions, Doublelist’s approach is appealing.

Reduced Scams and Spam

Doublelist utilizes a strict moderation policy and spam filter to reduce the number of fake listings, scams, and spam posts. Each new listing is reviewed by a real person to verify it before being published. This cuts down on the misleading and fraudulent posts that are common on large classified sites. Users report a higher percentage of legitimate interactions and successful transactions on Doublelist compared to Craigslist.

Improved Search Functionality

Doublelist offers an advanced search engine that allows users to filter listings by category, location, keywords, and other attributes. You can quickly narrow results to find exactly what you’re looking for. Listings also include helpful details like images, tags, location, and contact information right on the search results page. This streamlined experience saves time and effort compared to wading through pages of irrelevant or unhelpful posts on other platforms.

Focused on Person-to-Person Commerce

Unlike broad classified sites that cover countless categories, Doublelist focuses specifically on person-to-person commerce and connecting individual buyers and sellers. This focused mission leads to a better overall experience for users looking to buy, sell or trade items, vehicles, housing, and services with other individuals in their local community. By specializing in just this one area, Doublelist does it very well.

In summary, privacy, security, quality, and user experience are driving the popularity of Doublelist as a person-to-person classifieds platform. Compared to larger general classified sites, Doublelist offers significant benefits for individuals looking to connect for the purpose of buying, selling, and trading with each other.

The Pros and Cons of Using Doublelist

Doublelist offers both advantages and disadvantages to consider before using its online classifieds service.


Doublelist provides localized classified listings in cities and towns across many countries, allowing buyers and sellers to connect within their local communities. This can lead to faster, more convenient transactions since parties are typically located within close proximity.

Doublelist is free to use and does not require any subscription fees to post or view listings. This can benefit those on a tight budget looking to buy or sell used goods. The service is also very simple and straightforward to use, with an interface that should feel familiar to anyone accustomed to using other classifieds sites.


Doublelist receives a high volume of spam and scam listings due to lack of verification procedures, so users must exercise caution. There is also little to no moderation of listings, so inappropriate or dangerous content may appear on the site.

The localized nature of listings also means a smaller pool of potential buyers or sellers in some areas. Those in small towns or rural locations may struggle to find matches for what they are looking to buy or sell.

Doublelist provides very limited customer support. Users cannot report issues or ask questions, and there are no safeguards in place for problems like harassment or fraud. Users operate at their own risk.

While Doublelist offers a convenient free service for local classified listings and a simple user experience, its lack of oversight and verification poses too great a risk for some. For high-value or sensitive transactions, other classified services with more robust safeguards may be a safer choice. With vigilance, though, Doublelist can still be used successfully by many.

The Future of Doublelist: What’s Next for the Site?

Doublelist has experienced significant growth and success since its launch, and its future looks bright. As the site continues to gain more users and listings, several developments are likely on the horizon.

Expanded Geographic Reach

Currently, Doublelist operates classifieds websites for a limited number of locations in the United States and Canada. The company will likely expand into more cities and regions across North America to provide service to more users. Establishing a presence in additional locations and countries could help Doublelist access new markets and gain more traffic.

Enhanced Features

Doublelist may roll out additional features and functionality to improve the user experience. For example, the site could add options for users to save favorite listings, receive alerts when new listings match their search criteria, or post listings from mobile devices. Allowing payments through the site is another potential new feature. These types of enhancements could make Doublelist more useful and competitive.

Monetization Opportunities

While Doublelist is currently free to use, the site may introduce monetization strategies to generate revenue. Possibilities include charging fees for premium listings that receive additional promotion and visibility, implementing advertising on the site, or offering paid subscriptions for power users. Carefully implementing these types of monetization models could provide Doublelist an opportunity for financial sustainability and growth without disrupting the user experience.

Acquisition Interest

If Doublelist continues its upward trajectory, larger tech companies may express interest in acquiring the site. An established company could leverage Doublelist’s existing user base and platform to expand into the online classifieds space or strengthen their market position. An acquisition could also provide Doublelist access to greater resources and expertise to accelerate improvements to the site. However, the company would need to consider how an acquisition might impact the character and mission of the Doublelist brand.

In summary, Doublelist seems poised for ongoing progress and innovation. By expanding into new locations, enhancing the user experience, exploring monetization strategies, and potentially fielding acquisition offers, Doublelist can build on its initial success and shape an even better future. The company’s ability to scale sustainably while staying true to its roots will determine its long term impact.


You now have a solid understanding of how Doublelist is shaking up the online classifieds industry. While traditional sites like Craigslist have dominated for decades, new options like Doublelist offer a streamlined experience tailored to modern users. With its focus on ease of use, visual appeal, and mobile-first design, Doublelist is poised to continue gaining market share in the coming years. The site has already expanded into hundreds of cities across the US and Canada, and likely has ambitions to become a global platform. For those looking to buy, sell, or trade locally, Doublelist should absolutely be on your radar. The rise of this new challenger proves that even in well-established industries, there are always opportunities for innovation.

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