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Types of Kitchen Shutters



The different types of Kitchen Shutters will depend on your style and budget. You can choose from wood veneers, solid wood, PVC membrane or Extruded acrylic. Let’s learn about each type. After reading this article, you’ll know which one to go for. It is better to have an idea about what these types of shutters are made of, so you can make a more informed decision. And remember, the kitchen is an important room in the house, so it needs to be properly ventilated.

Veneer shutters

If you’re looking for a kitchen shutter alternative, consider wood veneers. These shutters are made of a thin layer of real wood glued to a plywood or MDF core. This allows them to mimic the natural look of wood while retaining a lower cost than solid wood. They’re also less likely to warp and retain their good looks for many years. Listed below are a few reasons to consider wood veneers for your shutters.

These shutters have a glossy finish, but this finish can be a downside. Smudges and fingerprints show up more easily. They also require more cleaning than other finishes. If you’re worried about fingerprints, you can opt for a matte finish. These shutters are the most durable type of shutters available, and they can last up to six years without requiring repairs. The downside of acrylic shutters is their high price.

Solid wood shutters

There are various types of kitchen shutters on the market. Wood shutters are popular because of their timeless look, warm color, and durability. Wood shutters can be customised to fit any size and shape of your kitchen cabinets. They are also available in many different colours, finishes, and textures. If you are looking for something more rustic, you can choose veneer shutters. These are a great option for those who do not want to spend much money.

PVC membrane shutters are another popular option for kitchen shutters. They are glued to plywood, MDF, or particle boards. They feature a smooth finish and water-resistance. PVC membrane shutters are also available with carvings and grooving. While laminated shutters are more affordable than solid wood, they do not offer the same appeal as a real wood shutter. You may also want to opt for a more modern option, such as painted solid wood.

PVC membrane shutters

If you have been looking for new shutters for your kitchen, you’ve likely come across PVC membrane shutters. This type of shutter features a super smooth surface and water resistance. It costs more than laminate but also adds a contemporary look to your kitchen. PVC membrane shutters are less heat-resistant and tend to have a more modern look. Lacquered kitchen cabinet shutters are similar to PVC membrane shutters, but have a glossy, hard finish and are less flexible than laminate.

The PVC membrane skin is laminated to particle board, MDF, or plywood for a strong waterproof seal. It is also available in many colors, including white. These shutters are factory-made and have a higher design appeal than traditional PVC shutters. They are also fire and water-resistant. To ensure the longevity of your new PVC membrane kitchen shutters, Fevicol SWR EQ is an excellent choice.

Extruded acrylic shutters

If you want to spruce up your kitchen without having to spend too much, consider installing Extruded acrylic kitchen shutters. Unlike traditional wood shutters, acrylic shutters are available in a variety of colours. The glossy finish is a popular choice for many homeowners, but you should be aware that acrylic is not cheap. While some acrylics are similar to high-gloss laminates, they are often more expensive than the former.

Another benefit of these shutters is their lightweight design. They can be used for a variety of applications that require high clarity. Additionally, they are lightweight, reducing the cost of installation and shipping. In addition to being lightweight, acrylic is also stronger than glass. It allows up to 92% of light to pass through. Extruded acrylic kitchen shutters can be easily repaired and maintained, reducing the costs of frequent replacement.

Designer laminates

There are many reasons to choose designer laminates for your kitchen shutters. They are available in a range of colours and finishes, and are more durable than plywood or other types of plastic shutters. They are also cheaper than acrylic and require less maintenance. High gloss paint finishes have a glossy finish and are a popular choice for kitchen shutters. However, they are not heat resistant and can fade easily. Other alternatives to high gloss paint include matte finish. Matte laminates are less expensive than acrylic, and are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Natural wood is a common choice for interior shutters, but it can be expensive and environmentally unfriendly. However, the beauty of natural wood is in the graining. Several different shades of Teak and Rosewood finishes are available to match existing furnishings in the kitchen. Ultimately, these options offer a high-end, luxurious look to your kitchen. The downside is that you’ll need to pay more for the higher quality of veneer.

Aluminium shutters

If you are looking for a new style for your kitchen, you may want to consider aluminium kitchen shutters. The shutters themselves are a great choice for many reasons. They can increase the beauty of your kitchen while adding functionality. They can also add a touch of privacy to your room. The most popular type of aluminium shutter is the laminated type. These shutters are typically fixed onto a MDF or plywood base. These are scratch-resistant and come in a stunning range of colours. The laminates are also moisture and scratch-resistant, and the edges are finished with PVC edge bindings.

Aluminium kitchen shutters come in a variety of finishes. The back painted glass version features an aluminium profile above a smooth glass sheet. This option is typically more expensive than laminate but has many advantages. They are scratch and moisture resistant and can be installed near extreme heat sources. Laminate kitchen shutters are also more durable than most other types of aluminium shutters. There are several types of laminated shutters, including frosted and transparent varieties.

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