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Yas Island in Abu Dhabi




The leisure island of Abu Dhabi, occupied by the Yas Marina Circuit, is one of the most popular tourism projects in the region. The racecourse has been hosting the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix since 2009. The circuit is designed for optimum safety and performance, with a total length of 2.8km. For more information, visit the official website of the racetrack. To learn more about the track and its facilities, see the link below.

Yas Plaza Hotel provides Complimentary Access to the Beach

The beach is a great place to relax and swim, while the white sands are perfect for families. The beach is open daily from 10am to 7pm. Children under eight years old are free to swim, and women can take advantage of a half-priced admission on Saturdays. The Yas Plaza hotel provides complimentary access to the beach, making it a great option for families. You can also get free access to the Yas Mall’s fitness center, which includes a gym.

The Yas Marina Circuit has a 5.5km track and an exciting, challenging waterpark. The 5.7km track will provide thrills for visitors of all levels, with everything from premium designer clothing to exotic perfumes to sporting goods. You’ll also find a number of cafes and restaurants, which are included in your Yas Island package. Theme park packages include transportation to the attractions. You can even choose your own tour of the prestigious waterpark.

Yas Beach on the Southern Side of the Island is a Great Place to Shop

If you’re looking for a great place to shop, head to Yas Beach on the southern side of the island. It’s an excellent spot to relax. You can swim here from 10am to 7pm. The entrance fee to Yas Beach is free for children under eight, and ladies get half price admission on Saturdays. All hotels in the Yas Plaza offer free beach access. It’s a great way to explore the theme parks at Yas Island.

The beaches are also fantastic for a relaxing day. The southern shore of the island is home to Yas Beach. During the summer, this sandy beach is a popular spot to relax and enjoy the weather. It’s open from 10am to 7pm. There are no admission fees, and the hotel’s guests can swim from sunrise to sunset. There are several restaurants and cafes in the area. The beaches on Yas Island are included in the price of your package.

Yacht Club is also a Great Spot for a Family Outing

The southern shore of Yas Island is home to a fantastic beach. The sand is crystal clear and is a great place to swim or relax. The Yas Marina Circuit is a 5.5km race track and features Ferrari World, Warner Movie World, and a 400m-long public beach. The racetrack is a major attraction, but the yacht club is also a great spot for a family outing.

The beach on Yas Island is an excellent place to swim. You can find the best place to do this in the summer when you visit Yas Beach. You can also find the best beach for snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. If you want to spend more time on the beach, you can also do some water sports here. Most hotels and apartments on the island offer access to the beach, but you may need to pay an entrance fee for these activities.

Yas Island is Easily Accessible by Car

Despite its proximity to the mainland, Yas Island is easily accessible by car. It is located 30 minutes from the centre of Abu Dhabi and just ten minutes from the airport. If you have a family, Yas Island will be a good choice for you. However, if you’re a couple, you can also dine on the beach. You’ll have to shell out a little money to enjoy the water, but you’ll find the beach to be a good place for a family.

Yas Island a Popular Shopping Destination in the UAE

The Yas Mall is a huge mall with over 370 stores. This makes Yas Island a popular shopping destination in the UAE. A trip to Yas will make you feel like you’re in a shopping paradise. You’ll find everything from designer clothes to high street fashion brands to exotic perfumes. No matter what your style, you can find what you’re looking for at Yas. The best part about the theme park on the island is that you can explore it in your own pace and enjoy it for as long as you like.


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